Mario Monterosso

Italian guitarist Mario Monterosso is best known internationally as rockabilly/psychedelic visionary TAV FALCO’S guitarist and producer. Since 2014, Monterosso has worked as touring guitarist for TAV FALCO’S PANTHER BURNS, and has produced several albums for both Tav Falco’s Panther Burns and Tav Falco solo, most of which include appearances from IGGY AND THE STOOGES alumni MIKE WATT and TOBY DAMMIT.

Outside of his work with Falco, Monterosso has become a fixture in Memphis’ rockabilly and roots music scene, playing regular shows with artists such as JASON D. WILLIAMS and DALE WATSON (Ameripolitan Awards founder).

Also author of the Play Musical Comedy “Fui e Sono Eddie Redmount” performed in many Italian Theaters.